Product / Flikgift

The gifting experience

Launched in early 2012 Flikgift was built as a social gifting platform that allowed people to send and receive digital gift cards. Facebook connect simplified the gift giving process and in turn tried to increase the size of the gift given by incentivising friends to chip-in to “Super Size” gifts. I lead the design & the front-end development.


As easy as 1, 2, 3

Part of the core value of the product was simplifying the gift giving process. After choosing a friend from facebook, users simply choose which store they’d like to gift for, enter and amount and the day for (digital delivery). No more cheesy Hallmark cards!

Gift selection

Setting the details

Packaging in
the digital world

One of the core insights early on in the product was that part of what makes receiving gifts so special is the packaging it comes in. It connotes the experience that lies underneath and can have a powerful effect on how it’s perceived. The Gift box was one feature that showed this.

The Gift Box


Packaging assets

Super sized gifting

Flikgift enabled friends and family to chip-in on gifts solving the problem many offices and group gifters have when they want to combine funds. Flikgift magnified this process by adding incremental amounts of money when the gift got close to it’s target. We found having a clear goal also encouraged participants to chip-in again to reach the target.

The Birthday Clock

The trouble with birthdays is you often forget them or find out too late to find the person a gift. We created a Chrome extension that replaced the boring tab default with photos of their friends and birthdays and connected them instantly to Flikgift to purchase and send a gift.

Birthday Clock Chrome app