Product / LawPath

Consumer friendly law

LawPath is a legal startup that connects people who need legal help with the right people. It allows them to ask a free question then get directed to a Lawyer with just the right experience for them. I lead all aspects of design on this project including logo + brand design, UI / UX design and front-end development.


Setting the mark

We wanted to create an insignia that made LawPath feel like the mark of an established and trustworthy law firm. Equally we wanted to retain a friendly quality that seperated LawPath from the traditional perception of working with Lawyers.

Form focus

The main interaction of the site uses a stepped sign-up form to make connecting lawyers with customers as painless as possible. We focussed on simplifying each of the steps as the core of the product to maximise conversions.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

25% of LawPath's userbase use the site regularly on mobile. Because of this we prioritised optimising the site for the small screen.