I'm an established Product Design leader, photographer, tinkerer and creative blur. For the past 12 years i’ve been lucky enough to work for great companies like Lyft, Pinterest and a range of startups.

I combine my love for storytelling, image making, design and code to create experiences that people love and are an expression of care.

This is my creative life.


I love to tinker, build my ideas and share my best thoughts online

Exploria: An AI powered travel agent from the future


This summer in an effort to understand LLMs more fundamentally, I learned Python to prototype ideas using GPT4 and other models. Exploria is one such idea that creates the perfect itinerary for your next getaway based off your preferences and requests.

Select writing and talks

A catalog of natural art from 2017–2023 using my trusty Fujifilm XT-3.

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new opportunities

I’m interested in Principal or Staff Product Designer roles at Design forward companies.

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